Friday 16th September 2016 – I’m being framed

Me caught having 40 winks

Now I don’t mean that Aristotle is fitting me up for a crime he’s committed, when I say I’m being framed. I mean Mum has taken the beautiful picture of me to be framed so it can go on the wall. The picture is A3 size and it’s even better than the photo was. Even the man in the framing shop was impressed and his mother does similar pictures commercially and charges a lot of money for each one. Mum thought carefully about what would show the picture at its best and has gone for a simple black frame with a blue and cream mount framing the picture. She said she wanted to keep it simple as she didn’t want the frame to become the focus instead of me. I can’t wait to see where she hangs it. Originally it was to go in the office, but she loves it so much that she wants to put it where everyone will see it. If you want to have a portrait done too, then take a look at Monday’s diary for more details HERE, although that is asked is a donation to cover materials and postage and it will be the best use of money you’ve ever found!

Alfie had his bandages changed yesterday morning. Mum says he was a complete coward and was shaking while it was being done. Apparently it’s healing quite well, which is good news. He has to have them changed tomorrow morning too. Mum’s hoping he will be a bit braver tomorrow. Alfie says he just wants to get rid of the bandage altogether and get on with his life. It helped with the weather being dry, but he hates having a plastic bag over it when he goes outside. He says the crinkly noise when he walks is really off-putting.

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