Sunday 18th September 2016 – Poor old Alfie

Yesterday did not go quite as planned. Alfie had complained his leg was hurting and to be honest it wasn’t looking very nice, but when he went to get his bandages changed it turned out it was infected. By that time, it was hurting him so much that he couldn’t even bear them removing the dressings. Anyway, he had to be sedated and has had the wound cleaned, Manuka honey applied as well as being given antibiotics. He’s had to have a couple of staples in it too, to hold it all together and now has a bandage which comes right up past his elbow. Now he’s got a bigger collar to wear so he can’t get to it. Our Mistress was in quite a state because she’s had to leave him so she could be away overnight. As if that’s not enough Grandpa isn’t well either, so she’s worrying about him too. He’s even older than Alfie, even if you work Alfie’s age in human equivalent years. Thankfully, Grandpa has more antibiotics, so hopefully he will be ok soon too. He’s nearly ninety-one, so being ill really isn’t any fun for him. Alfie is being well looked after. We’re really very lucky because, in one direction, within a mile of where we live we have a wonderful vet who we all love and in the other direction we have a fantastic kennel that takes brilliant care of us. Our Mistress would have cancelled and stayed at home if she possibly could, but she knows we’re all being looked after and that Alfie will be fine until she can collect him this afternoon. He says after his sedation yesterday morning he just wants to sleep anyway. Wilma’s fed up because she wants to take care of him, but can only watch from a distance so she doesn’t lick him either. She’s in season too and at the point where it’s best to keep her apart from us boys. She’s fed up, but she’ll be fine.

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  1. My dear Alfie, sorry to hear about your leg. I am so wishing it will all be better soon. I am thinking of you lots. Have a good rest as that will help your leg to get better.
    Love from us all here Dickens XXXXX

    • Thank you. My Mistress and I are planning a quiet evening looking after each other. Grandpa has more antibiotics so hopefully he’ll be well soon.

  2. Poor Alfie, I do hope it’s all better soon, not fun for you at all. And please tell your Mistress that we hope her dad is better soon too. Hugs xx

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