Monday 19th September 2016 – Happy birthday Torfheide A Litter

I want you all to join me singing happy birthday to Aristotle and all his brothers and sisters. They are five years old today. Shadow says she can’t believe five years have passed since that Monday morning when she finally gave birth to her first litter of puppies. Mum was telling me all about it and I have to say I was starting to wish she wouldn’t. Who would have thought they’d all grow up to be such fine dogs? Anyway, Arnie, Rafa, Amigo, Addie, Soggeli, Dora and Aristotle have a very happy birthday and I hope you all get spoilt rotten, especially Aristotle as then we might all benefit! Mum and Shadow said they want a quiet moment later to remember little Aisha who didn’t make it too. She lived for a few hours and Mum did everything she could. Having puppies isn’t always straightforward so it seems. Anyway, I’m going to spend the day pouncing on Aristotle and generally rolling around to celebrate with him. He’ll enjoy that.


Alfie is keeping very still and quiet. He wasn’t at all happy to have his photo taken. His leg is bound a long way up and except when he’s going out to the toilet, or eating and drinking, he’s keeping his collar on all the time. It’s a nice soft one, but it’s still not much fun. He has to go to the vet this afternoon to have his dressing changed again and he’s really not looking forward to it. He said the worst bit now is the amount of sticky plaster that is sticking to his fur. When that gets pulled off it really makes his eyes water. Well it would, wouldn’t it! Mum’s hoping we’ll have the results of the tests on the lumps soon too. I know she’s worrying about it. At least Grandpa seems to be improving now so that’s good news.

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  1. Happy Birthaday Aristotle and to your brothers and sisters.
    I hope things are improving for Alfie. He looks pretty fed up in the picture. Rest and quiet will help I’m sure. Sending him lots of cuddles. xx

    • Thank you. I’m just enjoying a special chew. Alfie has been howling, but hopefully he won’t do that all day!
      Love Ari

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ari and all your brothers and sisters. Hope you all have a great day. I hope you get your steak and ice cream! Try hard to be brave Alfie. I hope your leg is getting better. Lots of love Dickens and the gang XXXXXX

    • Thank you. I think there is more chance of my steak and ice cream than of Alfie being brave. He’s just not a brave sort of a dog.

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