Wednesday 21st September 2016 – An uncooperative dog

Alfie is not making life easy. Yesterday some of the stitches at the top of his leg came open again, so he had to go back to the vet. He was there for nearly an hour again while all his dressings were removed and new ones were applied. Now he’s got them much more open. The wound is quite deep but will have to granulate rather than the skin coming together. He’s only got light dressings on it now and Mum is tasked with keeping an eye on how they are and trying to keep them clean. She has no idea what she’s going to do if she has to redress them on her own. It took three of them yesterday. Two to hold him down and one to do the cleaning and dressing. He does have an appointment this afternoon so we are hoping he can get to then without needing a change, but she thinks that will be an achievement if he does. He’s really not happy. Mum is hoping to get his results soon too. I’m sure if they are ok then she will feel an awful lot better about everything, but at the moment she is feeling very stressed. I don’t think I’m helping. I’ve reached the point of going stir crazy with not being able to go for a walk and am not really helping matters. Now Alfie’s wound is more open I can’t be anywhere near him as I just want to lick it. I can’t be near Aristotle as I just want to mate with him, so all in all I think I might be being just a little bit annoying all round. I’m pleading the fact that I’m still a puppy so I’m allowed to be annoying sometimes, but Mum says that it’s one of the times she needs me to behave responsibly and help out. Ah well, I guess she can’t have everything!

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  1. Now, Wilma, Alfie, I’m starting to really feel sorry for your Mum/Mistress in all this, cos she’s the one trying to keep everything together! Wilma, you’ll just need to be a tad Mrs patient, all things do end, even your Season; and Alfie, just be a good chap and be patient too, the wound will heal, and your Mistress is jolly worried about you, so, be good! Hugs to all xxx

    • We both know you’re right, but it’s never that easy. I did let her change one of my dressings on her own without complaint this afternoon, although she did have to give up on the other one. Wilma really wants a good walk. Our Mistress says if she’s good tomorrow she will try to take her out when no one will be about, but she may have to wait until the weekend. Ah well.

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