Friday 23rd September 2016 – Wilma is happier

Yesterday our Mistress got to the point with Wilma where she either needed to tie her up and tape up her mouth, or take her for a walk. You’ll be pleased to know she chose the latter. Wilma has been at home because of her season for the last two weeks and she’d had enough. She’d reached the point of jumping on our Mistress every five minutes and barking in her ear. You can imagine that didn’t go down too well. Normally, our Mistress would think it too early to take her out, but she decided that as long as she went somewhere she was unlikely to see anyone and at a time that was quiet then it was worth the risk. Thankfully it went well and Wilma was visibly more content when she came back. To be fair to Wilma things have been much worse than normal for her as she has had to sleep in the crate at night too so she doesn’t try to lick my wounds. Hopefully in a few days our household can start to return to something like normal and both Wilma and Aristotle will be more than pleased about that.

The bandage I ate earlier in the week made its reappearance and I have to say I feel a little better for it. Not so much better that it stopped me eating another one, but give it a day or two and we’ll be seeing that one again too! I guess we’ll all be happy about my vet visit today if they say I don’t need the bandages on anymore, although our Mistress has said they may want to give it a few more days yet as whilst there is improvement there is a way to go. I just want to get rid of this collar, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

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