Tuesday 27th September 2016 – Ready to hibernate

Well the weather has turned very autumnal and we’re all preparing to hibernate for the winter. At least in the short term, until we get over our depression about the end of summer, we’re quieter than normal. Our Mistress wants to eat so she can sleep safely through the winter until she can face the world again and the rest of us are prepared to curl up with her, but would like to continue to be fed on a daily basis. The fact that she’s refusing to put the central heating on doesn’t help. The instruction to ‘put another jumper on’ is fine for the human members of the household, but some of us don’t own a jumper and wouldn’t be seen out in it if we did. Normally, just having the office fire on is all we need but we’re not all sitting in the office at the moment. Wilma is still too lively, post season, to share the room with Aristotle and I’m not helping by barking the whole time if I

waiting for steak on Ari's birthday
waiting for steak on Ari’s birthday

can hear them playing. I can’t share the room with anyone in case they either help me take this wretched cone off or lick my leg for me and Shadow is her usual self, enjoying sitting like a cat on a chair in the front room so she can watch what little of the world bothers to go past our tiny corner of the village.

I think I’d be fed up now whatever the weather was doing. It’s been two weeks since my operation and I assumed by now I’d be cone free. Our Mistress says the wound under my paw is looking quite good, but the one on my leg has still got a way to go. She says if she has to guess I’ll have the cone on for another week yet. I’ve not managed to do any permanent damage with it but it’s not for want of trying. I keep knocking chairs over and opening kitchen cupboards with it.

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