Wednesday 28th September 2016 – I am not fractious!

Alfie looking good

Our Mistress has told me that now I’m rather better my ill-temper is rather noticeable. To be fair, I don’t know which of us was worse yesterday. She hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for a couple of weeks, which is never a good starting point, but I guess I’m not helping. The thing is that I’ve had enough of being in the kitchen. I’ve argued that having more freedom would make me feel better in myself and I’d recover more quickly. Our Mistress has said there is a limit to the things she wants knocked over by the cone round my neck, I need to stay quiet and calm and put my healing leg up. The problem is it’s not healing very quickly

Wilma and Shadow sharing a bed together while they were away.
Wilma and Shadow sharing a bed together while they were away.

and I’m utterly fed up with being in the kitchen. She is sleeping downstairs with me every night. I know she’s trying, but is it any wonder I get really annoyed if I can hear the others enjoying themselves? Wilma’s tummy is at least improving now so our Mistress hoping for a little more sleep at night, but it’s going to be a few days before I can go upstairs to sleep. I guess she could leave me down here on my own, so I should probably be showing a little more gratitude, but it’s been weeks and there’s only so much a dog can take.

I think this whole change of season thing is getting to us too. There’s nothing like some sunshine to make you feel better and the thought that we’ve not got six months to wait for the weather starts to improve is not helping any of our spirits. Ah well, I guess it won’t be forever. I think our Mistress has just about conceded it’s time to put her summer clothes away and start wearing her big woolly jumpers. It’s just a shame she didn’t finish knitting the one she started in January which was supposed to be ready for this year. She’s only done about three rows, so there’s a way to go yet!

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