Thursday 29th September 2016 – Wilma is fed up

Wilma is fed up. Or at least she’s as fed up as you can notice in a puppy that is constantly bouncing around the house. She is supposed to be taking part in a dog show today and was looking forward to a day out with our Mistress. However, our Mistress has said that given Wilma’s teeth mean that even if they did do well she’s still going to be marked down by the judge, and how far behind she is with work, they aren’t going to go. I felt a bit better when she said that it was also so that I didn’t get quite so miserable and I’ll be honest I am getting miserable when she goes out. Anyway, to cheer Wilma up, and for that matter calm her down, our Mistress has said that she will take her for a special walk now her tummy is better and she’s wanting to go out again.

I was talking to Granny earlier and complaining that my leg was taking a long time to heal. She said that was part of getting older. She said we take longer to heal and longer to get better. Grandpa is getting better slowly as well, but at least we’re getting better. I was wondering if there are any upsides with getting older, but except for concluding that it’s better than the alternative I couldn’t really think of any. To be honest we need to find a way to get to adulthood and then just stick there for a while at the same sort of age. I guess someone might come up with a reason why that’s not such a good idea, but I can’t think of one right now. I suppose some dogs become better looking with age, but sadly I think I passed my prime a while back.

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  1. Hope you soon feel better Alfie.
    I find, as a human, as I get older I can do what I want when I want, and if I don’t want to do it, then it doesn’t matter.

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