Sunday 2nd October 2016 – A close fought contest

It was a closely fought contest between our Mistress and the new Ikea sofa bed. She knelt on screws and got quite hurt. She wrestled with large boxes and their contents and got confused by the very long instruction book. But I’m delighted to say, after many hours and a lot of bruises our Mistress finally subdued her quarry and won. Wilma was rather concerned about the large packages that suddenly arrived in the office and gave them a wide berth. I think she thought the mattress was ready to attack her. Anyway, Wilma remained firmly camped out on the old one and doesn’t want anything to do with the new one, but I’m guessing that will change when the old one is sold to a new home. I helped with the building so I’m rather proud of our achievements.


Being allowed to help made up for not being included in the walk that Wilma and Shadow went on with our Mistress and some of her friends. The girls said they had a great time. Wilma was included in part of the photo shoot for pictures they need for a book that our Mistress is writing with the friend too. While they were doing the photos Wilma was told she was very ‘Naomi Campbell like’ as she posed for the camera and loved every minute of it. I said to our Mistress if she wasn’t careful Wilma would start charging an appearance fee!

More worrying was that our Master was off trying on dresses. He’s playing an ugly sister in the pantomime this year and got quite excited about the prospect of the handbags he could have and the shoes for that matter. He’s not talking about having his nails done! If it keeps him happy who I am to comment?

Have fun


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    • I liked meeting you too. Alfie’s feeling a little better today but won’t be going for any walks. I went for a short one. Wilma’s about to go out but wants to know who is going to take her photo.

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