Wednesday 5th October 2016 – Feeding the birds

For some time our Mistress has stopped feeding the birds. Firstly, I used to get carried away eating the bird seed, which made me need to poo much more and secondly Shadow would lie in wait under the bird feeder and catch them. All in all, it didn’t seem such a bright idea. The bird seed has been sitting in a container near the back door for ages. Our Mistress is having a bit of a tidy up and has decided that the bird seed has to go. She hates wasting anything, so when I say ‘go’ she wants the birds to eat it. You can’t fault her optimism. She’s sat down with me and Shadow to ‘discuss’ the situation. I’ve agreed to try and contain myself, although it really isn’t that easy. Shadow will make no promises at all. However, given that Shadow was feeling fairly stiff yesterday and rather less than agile then I can’t see her jumping to get the birds. However, I caught her teaming up with Wilma, another bird chaser. I overheard her explaining the opportunity and I do rather fear that they might be planning to do a bit of a double act. I just hope for the sake of the birds that they eat all the food up quickly so we can get the process over with.

Aristotle had a good swim yesterday. He is a hard worker once he gets in the pool and sees it as his job to swim up and down without any interruption at all. I’m a bit the same, but perhaps not quite so determined. I will at least have the occasional rest, but Ari insists on keeping going from the point he’s unceremoniously dumped in the pool until the time he has to get out. He’s a hard worker if he thinks he has a job to do.

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