Saturday 8th October 2016 – Wilma’s Day Out

Sharing our Mistress

Always Wilma. Do we get to go on the train? Do we get to go out for lunch? No we don’t. Well, not that often anyway. Wilma on the other paw is always off somewhere. This week I think she’s got a busier social life than the rest of the family put together. At this rate she will need to have her very own diary. Today, our Mistress is going to Birmingham to have her hair cut. They tell me it’s a girl thing. Our Master has pointed out there are perfectly good hairdressers within less than 150 miles of where we live, but apparently they’re not the same. She’s been going to the same place for thirty years so I think she’s got quite attached to it. Anyway, Wilma is allowed to go with her and then afterwards they are going out for lunch at a dog friendly restaurant with a friend of our Mistress. Wilma was busy packing her rucksack ready for the day. She’s packed a bowl and a drink and her food for later so she doesn’t get hungry. Our Mistress suggested she should pack something to read, but she’s planning to share whatever our Mistress reads instead. I know they’ll want to tell you all about it when they get back.

Tomorrow Shadow and Wilma are doing a meet and greet for some people who are thinking of adding one of us to the family. Shadow is having a rest day today so she’s full of energy for the excitement that will bring. Wilma has always got energy! Wilma is also going to help give a talk about our breed on Thursday night this week as well as her two training classes. She’s only going to be in on Tuesday and Friday nights! Such is the life of a dog.

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