Sunday 9th October 2016 – Shadow is happy


To be fair at the moment, Shadow is not just happy, she’s insufferably happy. When she was a puppy, she grew up being James’s dog. She’s very close to our Master, but since James moved out a few years ago she has missed him dreadfully, not least because it has meant her sleeping downstairs rather than snuggled up in bed with someone. Andy moved to live with us in the summer and now Shadow sleeps with him and she has decided he is totally her human, obviously as well as our Master. She’s always waiting at the gate for our Master to come home, but now she’s also excited as soon as she hears Andy coming up the road. She might even hear the school bus, but whatever the trigger from that point on she can barely contain her excitement. Now don’t get me wrong, we all love Andy and he loves all of us, but with Shadow it’s really something special for both of them.

Wilma had a lovely day out yesterday, although she said it was quite hard being good for so much of the day. She had to lie still on the train for two hours and tucked herself under the seats very well. Then she had to sit quietly in the hairdressers for a couple of hours, although she did go for a walk first. Then she went for lunch and had a nice walk to get there. That was the only time she wasn’t so good. She needed the toilet when our Mistress was about to order dessert and they ended up having to pay and go so Wilma would settle down again. Then she was good for another couple of hours on the train on the way home. She said it was all very tiring. One thing she has realised is that she is slightly claustrophobic. She was fine under the seat, but when waiting to get off the train she hates the small bit by the doors where she has to stand. She is better if she stands on her hind legs and looks out of the window but otherwise she starts to bark. On the way home it was fine, because she’d explained to our Mistress they were able to wait for the last minute to get up to leave the train so they didn’t have to wait in that bit and everything was fine.

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