Monday 10th October 2016 – Family

Hello everyone it’s Wilma here again. Oh it’s going to be such an exciting week. I’m sure Alfie will tell you how it’s going along the way. Anyway, his leg is definitely improving now. There is a scab over the remaining wound and Mum says she thinks that as soon as that falls off he’ll be able to go without the collar. We’re all excited about that. It’s been such a


long time.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my family and I know my Mama won’t mind me showing you these pictures. Anyway, these are two of my full brothers, Wendelin-Pepper and Woodstock. They sound as though they have grown up just like me, loving everyone and everything. I wish I could see them. Mum says I look


just like Woodstock so I think we need to go to see him and have our photo taken together now we’re all grown up.

Then there is my nephew Ralph. He’s growing up fast and looks to be a lovely little boy. I’m a very proud auntie.

After having to behave myself all day on Saturday I was rather full of energy yesterday and would have liked the chance to go for a long hike. We did have a good walk, but I could have done it all again… several times. We did a ‘meet’ with some prospective humans for some of our breed. It went really well, we liked them very much. They don’t live too far away from us so it will be nice to have another one of us quite close by. Maybe if I am allowed to have puppies they could even have one of mine. I’d like it if my children were nearby so we could see them. I know Shadow loves the occasions she sees her pups, even if she doesn’t really show it in an emotional sort of way.

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  1. No, I don’t mind your publishing pictures of your brothers! They’re nothing to be ashamed of, are they?
    I wasn’t there last Saturday in Zofingen with Gina at the Ankörung to meet them, but Valeria was, and she told me that they are really very cute guys. She said she’d like for her for boys to become such well-behaved and children-loving adults as well!
    In the meantime my grandsons (your nephews!) have already reached the age of 7 weeks. Darcy, the second-born, weighs already 6 kilos! Dante (that’s Ralph looking forward to getting to know you toward the end of this year) will reach this limit tomorrow.
    They have a great time with each other (and with me and Valeria, of course) and are perfectly healthy and happy.
    Have a good time and send my (and Valerias) kindest regards to all your dearest, be they canines or humans.

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