Tuesday 11th October 2016 – A developing trend

Our Mistress has been feeling the wrath of the algae gods. Oh I kid you not. It’s a serious business. Outside the back of the house we have a paved area and it is covered in a light coating of green algae. Our Mistress is concerned as however often she tells Aristotle to walk rather than run on the paving, he comes shooting into the house and sometimes, despite having four-paw drive, he slips. He’s already got front legs which hurt and our Mistress is really worried that if he’s not careful he will add to his injuries. Anyway, she has decided it’s time to give them all a thorough clean. She doesn’t like the use of unnecessary chemicals and she doesn’t have a pressure washer, so she’s going for the very old fashioned approach of a stiff brush and a lot of hard work. There’s just one small problem. It is very clear that the algae gods do not want the algae to be washed away. On Sunday she decided to make a start. The weather had been fine and was still fine when she went outside. As soon as she started there was an absolute downpour and it was the point at which she was soaking wet that she admitted defeat and came in. Then she decided to carry on yesterday. It had been dry and was still dry when she went outside. As soon as she started brushing the algae away the rain started, so much so that Aristotle asked to go back into the house and he doesn’t mind water. Then would you believe, as soon as she stopped and took Aristotle for a walk instead, the rain stopped. There is definitely a pattern developing to this. What I don’t know is what offering she should be making to the algae gods to stop their retribution.

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