Wednesday 12th October 2016 – Ari is happy

Our Master has finally given in to Aristotle’s request to sleep upstairs with him. Our Mistress has been sleeping downstairs on the couch with me until I’m completely healed. Aristotle has been asking and asking if he could keep our Master company and finally our Master has given in. Of course the bad news for Aristotle is that he’s better make the most of it as I’m nearly better and will be heading upstairs just as soon as I’ve stopped knocking everything over with this wretched cone. In the meantime Aristotle says it’s almost like all his birthdays and Christmases coming at once. Although he did quietly admit to me that he wished our Mistress was there too. I guess you can’t have everything.

I told him to make the most of having swimming all to himself yesterday too as if things go to plan I shall be back in the pool next week. I’m even looking forward to it, which is a bit of a shock to me never mind anyone else. Ari did ask if I could let him still go at least every other week. He’s starting to have more problem with his left front leg and he really does find the swimming helps. He is even using his back legs in the pool now so that his front one doesn’t have to do all the work. He asked so nicely I couldn’t possibly say no to him. I know our Mistress is trying to do as much to strengthen the muscles as she can as she doesn’t really want to have to go down the route of surgery for him any sooner than she absolutely has to. All in all, he bears his disability very stoically, but he’s that sort of a dog.

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