Thursday 13th October 2016 – At last she’s passed!

Wilma had a great night for her exam last night. She worked really hard and did everything right first time, much to our Mistress’s delight and relief. The biggest problem was keeping her entertained between each of her exercises so that she didn’t disturb the other dogs. Our Mistress had been most worried about having to work without treats as Wilma, like all good Entlebuchers, is prone not just to refuse if there is not food on offer, but to even negotiate for better treats if she is not impressed by the options. Anyway, our Mistress got round the problem by having some cheese in her pocket to give her bits between the exercises and then hoped that her hand smelling of cheese would be enough for Wilma to know there was a promise of a treat to come. It worked and Wilma sat when asked, walked beautifully to heal, waited to go through a gate, did a lovely recall and her one minute stay. As each test was completed our Mistress started to breathe more easily and relax a little. Not all the dogs there found it as straightforward and some will have to do a resit in a few weeks.


Wilma will now move on to the regular weekly outdoor obedience classes and then next year will sit her silver exam. Our Mistress loves working with her so they may have a go at some competition obedience instead of showing as she thinks they’ll have more fun together on that. They will just need to train our Mistress better though as I don’t think she’s the best coordinated for it all really.

In the meantime, this is a lovely picture of Wilma with her certificate and rosette and she’s a very happy puppy. Well done Wilma!

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    • Thank you. I’m really pleased about it. I want to get all my certificates but it’s going to take a while. Have a great day.

  1. Hi Wilma, Well done. I know how hard it is to do good work without treats. We are very proud of you. Lots of love Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thank you, Dickens. I know, what is it with humans? They give you treats for everything until it really matters and then say you can’t have them. They really are strange animals at times.

  2. Herzliche Gratulation aus der Schweiz von deinen Mitstreiterinnen Whoopy your aunt, Tosca your half sister and Beija your cusine with your Sclummermama and Schlummmerpapa.

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