Friday 14th October 2016 – Wilma was a big hit

Last night Wilma went to speak to a local Countrywomen’s Association Branch about developing our breed in the UK. She didn’t actually speak until towards the end, she let our Mistress do all the talking prior to that. She had to sit quietly while they had a meeting just beforehand and then introduced herself to lots of the people in the room. They adored her and found what our Mistress had to say really interesting. Our Mistress was able to tell them some of the stories that have happened along the way, like lost Marbella all those years ago and then about Shadow’s chip failing and Megan not being able to become pregnant. There were funny moments too and lots of nice bits like little Aristotle only being 292g when he was born but now a strapping big dog. My picture was included, of course. There were pictures of some of the other dogs in the UK too like Queenie as she had sixteen puppies and Eiger as the first UK qualified stud dog.

Wilma says she thinks they all enjoyed it and she certainly did. She said what was lovely was that one of the old ladies used to keep Border Collies and can’t have them now as she wouldn’t be able to take them out, so she really enjoyed having chance to spend some time with Wilma. Wilma didn’t bark once until everyone else had finished speaking and then she did feel the need to have her voice heard just to round things off, but she’d been so good that no one really minded then. I think Wilma and our Mistress are looking forward to a few less exciting days as they are both quite tired after the excitement of this week. I’m voting for a quiet weekend so maybe we can all relax together.

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