Sunday 16th October 2016 – So much for a quiet Saturday

There is a rule that jobs expand to fill the time available and that’s certainly true in this house. Just as I thought we were going to have a quiet Saturday our Mistress concluded that the apparent sinking of a floorboard at the top of the stairs really was something to be quite alarmed about and she needed to investigate. The size of the problem can only be realised when you know that that board is under the neighbouring office store room and to find out what is happening means taking everything out so she can get to the floor. Oh you would not believe the things humans keep. We spend all day walking up and down the stairs with her as she removed empty boxes from things she stopped using more than ten years ago and software that is so ancient it wouldn’t work with anything we’ve got now. Then there were all the part pads of paper she’d save ‘just in case’, more pencils that a human could use in a lifetime and as it turned out a large pile of picture frames that might have prevented her buying so many a few weeks ago if she’d known they were there!

You’re thinking I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with the floor, aren’t you? Well as I write this the job is only part way through. And it’s looking complicated…

Having said all that, it was the most beautiful autumn day we’ve had this year and our walks were lovely. Our Mistress was happy, we were happy and all was right with the world. It made a pleasant change for it not to be either rainy or windy and certainly while I was out we’d got to a good bit of the book too. It did all help to make up for the hassle of the indoor work.

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