Monday 17th October 2016 – Getting excited

I am getting so excited about my trip to London on Saturday. Mum has said it won’t be the same as the trip to Birmingham and that while I’ll still have to be good and quiet on the train I’ll be moving around more during the day and won’t have to do so much sitting still. I shall be going on the underground for the first time. I hope I like it. Mum is a bit worried that I might find it a bit dark and claustrophobic but I’m hoping I shall be ok. She will be there to hold my paw so I’m sure I’ll be fine. She says that second part of the underground won’t be so bad as it’s over ground, but that just seems plain odd, but I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about. I wanted to know if I’m going to London whether I’d be able to go to see the Queen, but apparently it’s not that easy. It’s not really the Queen herself I was hoping to see, I was really thinking it would be fun to meet the Corgis. Maybe another time. I wonder if they ever have any Garden Parties at the palace for the dogs to mingle with other dogs. Perhaps I could get an invite to one of those.

Anyway, would you believe that Alfie’s leg still hasn’t fully healed after all this time. It is getting better slowly, but so slowly. He really is fed up with the whole situation, but Mum has reassured him it really should only be another few days. He wanted to go swimming this week, but Mum’s said he’s going to have to wait another week first. At least then it will be completely ok. He says he never wants an operation ever again, and I can understand why!


It rained most of yesterday and it was the sort of day you don’t do a lot. Ari found himself a nice place to sit at the front of the house and just sat and watched the world go by.

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