Tuesday 18th October 2016 – Life inside the cone

Sharing our Mistress

You humans think it’s funny when one or other of us has to have cone around our neck to stop us licking a wound. Well, I’d just like to put the record straight from a dog’s point of view. It is not funny. It is not comfortable and I’ve had enough. It’s been simply weeks since my operation. I know it was worse because my leg got infected and then the stitches burst, but just how much longer has this got to go on for? I have visions that when it’s removed I’m going to still constantly duck my neck down to avoid things.

It’s all made me a bit jumpy too. It’s hard when you can’t see anything approaching you if it is not coming face on. When someone touches you and you don’t know who it is your first thought is to get out of the way. Our Mistress has been talking to me in a very soothing voice and telling me before she approaches but everyone else just ploughs straight into me. Ok, so I know I’m in the way a lot of the time, but have you ever tried to squeeze through a small space when wearing one of these contraptions? Yes, I keep knocking the chairs over. Yes, I knock anything else off that’s left overhanging the table, but I’m really not doing it deliberately and if people will leave the chairs sticking out, how exactly am I supposed to get past them?

Our Mistress says she wants my leg 100% healed before it comes off, but I am putting my paw down and saying ‘enough is enough’. The cone has to go. I think I’m starting to lose my mind in here and it’s no fun at all. If I promise not to lick my leg do you think my Mistress would see sense and allow me to be trusted? I’m an adult for goodness sake and not even a very young one at that. I’m going to be eleven in less than a month. I’m old enough to make my own decisions. And I’m deciding I need some freedom from the cone!

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  1. Oh Alfie you do have my sympathy, not that that is much of a consolation. Sending you lots of cuddles. Hoping you can be free of the cone soon. xxx

    • Thank you. Our Mistress has looked at it again this morning and said I can’t take it off yet. I might just wait until she goes out and do it anyway!

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