Friday 21st October 2016 – Not talking to Wilma

When she got back on Wednesday night from dog training, our Mistress was not on speaking terms with Wilma. Now, given that pair are inseparable I was somewhat hesitant to ask what had happened and thought it best to ask Wilma rather than our Mistress, who was nursing a very bruised hand with a large lump on it. Our Mistress’s clothes were also covered in significant quantities of mud, so I thought she was probably left to the humans. What follows is Wilma’s version of events.

According to Wilma she is now being made to train outside, on the muddy ground, under floodlights. She is with a new group of dogs and wanted more of an opportunity to get to know them than our Mistress thought necessary. To be fair, our Mistress was more sympathetic on that point than some of the other humans who were taking it all very seriously. For those of you who live with Entlebuchers you will understand the rest of the story all too well. We get bored easily. If we’re working we want to keep working and not have time to sit quietly. Wilma was doing well, getting most of her exercise right but wanted to move straight on to the next. Instead she was expected to sit quietly on the wet muddy ground. She tried calling to some of the others and then got told off for talking in class. The trainer suggested our Mistress teaches her the command ‘quiet’ rewarding Wilma when she shut up. If you know what we’re like you will know that is a recipe for disaster. It took Wilma about 30 seconds to work out that once she’d had the treat she could bark again and repeat the whole exercise. Anyway, things went downhill from there and Wilma decided to jump all over our Mistress covering her liberally in mud and bashing her hand in the process. The irony was that the actual training exercises were fine. Now our Mistress just needs to teach Wilma to be calm and quiet – I wish her luck on that one!


Here’s one of the latest pictures of Wilma’s nephew Ralph. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take after his aunt!

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