Sunday 23rd October 2016 – Wilma’s day out

My what a handsome chap I am

Wilma’s resting today. Her day out yesterday turned out to be more stressful than she was expecting. She and our Mistress were up early and fitted in time for a walk at a park on the way to the station. Our Mistress was really pleased because they still had time for an earlier train. There they were on the platform. The train arrived and Wilma turned to our Mistress and said she really needed to go to the toilet again. So they missed the early train and our Mistress took Wilma for another walk. She then had a small discussion with Wilma about why it’s a bad idea to eat all the bird food! They got the next train and that was fine, but then it turned out that Wilma didn’t really like the underground, or the following train that went overground come to that. By the time they got to Discover Dogs Wilma was a little over excited to put it mildly. I think she’s going to tell you about what was going on when she got there tomorrow. Anyway, for the journey home our Mistress decided they’d start with a good long walk. That would have been better if it hadn’t been the London Docklands they were walking through with some very busy roads and lots of building work. Wilma said she didn’t really enjoy it, but it was good exercise anyway. Then they found out that as long as they sit in the airline style seats on the train Wilma is quite happy. It’s only if she is in a compartment where the seats face each other that she gets upset. Oh and a man on the train gave her a Murray Mint too. Our Mistress was rather taken aback that not only did the man not ask if it was ok to give something to Wilma but then gave her a boiled sweet which really wasn’t appropriate. Wilma was fed up as our Mistress made her leave it on the floor. Anyway, they’d pretty much had enough when they found themselves in a carriage on the train home with a lot of very loud and very drunk men. Wilma even asked if they could move carriage and thankfully after about an hour they found a seat in another compartment. They were very happy to get home.

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