Monday 24th October 2016 – Tiring but awesome

Me at our stand at Discover Dogs
Me at our stand at Discover Dogs

Ari has already told you about some of the logistics of my day on Saturday so I’ll just tell you about Discover Dogs itself. There were dogs everywhere. Hundreds of us. All sorts of shapes and sizes. I went to see all my friends on the Entlebucher stand. We have never had so many dogs there at one time. I think there were seven of us while I was there and we were all getting on really well. There was a boy there, Harley that I rather liked. He was playing it cool, but I could have won him round. I got all excited when I realised we were next to the Airedale stand in case my friend Jas was around, but Mum explained that was unlikely so I just made do with saying hello to some more that looked quite like her.

There were loads of stands with food too. I mean for us not for humans, although Mum did find herself a very nice chocolate chip cookie. I kept asking Mum to buy us things, but she was very good at saying no. I hadn’t helped our cause by being a bit hyper, but it was all so loud and there was so much to see. Normally life around here is pretty quiet so having to go to a big city for something is very different to normal. I wasn’t scared at all, it was just a lot to take in.

Anyway, there were several rings with dogs competing for everything from agility to heelwork to music. I think I could be quite good at both of those, but Mum is not as agile as I am and I wouldn’t want to work with someone else. I guess I just need to focus on my obedience training. Mum has some new things to try with me, so we’ll see how that goes first. I do love the time we spend together particularly when we can go out for days just the two of us. It’s great.

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