Tuesday 25th October 2016 – Not a fairytale

Now I know it’s pantomime season again and my Master is appearing next month as an ugly sister in Cinderella, but for the moment I’m thinking more of Goldilocks and the four dogs. It’s not porridge I’m worried about, although I do want to know who’s been sleeping in my bed. To be fair, Wilma has already owned up to that one so it’s no mystery. I do however want to know who’s been eating my carrots. In this instance, Goldilocks is not to blame. She’s as fed up about it as I am. When she’s pulled up a load of the carrots recently something has got there before us and has eaten quite a large proportion of the best carrots. I’m not a happy dog. When they are peeled and topped, I get all the bits that are cut off and every so often I get a whole smaller carrot as well. It’s a good arrangement and I’m fairly happy with it. Now though, things have got serious. I suggested we could stake out the vegetable trough to see who was to blame, but Goldilocks pointed out that as it was happening below ground level we weren’t likely to see much. This is one of the downsides of gardening organically. When I suggest spraying the little horrors with something terminal, Goldilocks points out that’s not in the spirit of what she’d trying to do. Hang the spirit. I just remind her of the year the caterpillars ate the entire crop of cauliflowers. It’s a shame I’m not so keen on parsnip peelings as they are fine, although maybe that’s because the thief is not so keen on them too!

Just for the record, would you believe my leg is still not completely healed. Our Mistress has said I can have the cone off at night now though as long as she doesn’t hear a single lick. It’s so hard when someone says something like that to you. It just makes you want to lick all the more, but I’m trying hard to resist as some time out of this cone is very much appreciated.

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