Friday 28th October 2016 – Not a good day

Yesterday was not a good day. It didn’t get off to a great start when our Mistress’s car started to make a very unpleasant noise on the way to take Wilma to the vet. Thankfully where she then walks Shadow is right next to a garage and they took a look and said if they were her they wouldn’t drive it far. So she didn’t and today it has gone off for a costly repair. It got worse when the vet rang. Now I know Wilma is my puppy, but I didn’t want her to aspire to be quite so much like me. I couldn’t breed, as I told you, because of a heart murmur. Well, sadly Wilma has one too. However good her hips are is not going to make any difference at all, Wilma is not going to have puppies.

Wilma is all very glum about it, but she’s got the rest of us and we’re all trying to cheer her up. So far, discounting Shadow who was James’s dog, our Mistress has had two girls of her own and neither one has been able to have puppies. Given our Mistress coulndn’t have children, we’re all taking this dog most like our owner thing just a bit too far. She loves us all just the same and says she wouldn’t be without any of us, but it does rather throw into question whether she will ever bring up any more puppies. It will be a lot of years before she can have another puppy of her own and she’s pointed out that by then she’ll be getting too old for all the weeks of sleepless nights. Maybe it’s time to accept her talents lie in other directions. She’s helped bring 22 puppies into the world, maybe that’s enough for anyone. It does mean all the names she wanted to use for an ‘E’ litter aren’t going to be used by her anytime soon, but never mind. At least Wilma is ok and it may not affect her life at all, which is more important than anything else.

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