Saturday 29th October 2016 – Keeping cheerful

Happy weekend everyone, it’s Aristotle here. I have to say that so far I seem to be doing quite well out of the week’s events. We had steak last night. Our Mistress thought Wilma needed cheering up so she bought an extra steak for the four of us to share. She’s asked me not to mention it to our Master, but you know how hard I find it to keep a secret. He was away last night and I just know when he comes in that instead of saying ‘Hello’ I’m just going to blurt out ‘we had steak’!


The main events of yesterday were that now Alfie is completely better, even down to having mad zoomies around the garden, our Mistress is trying to get him back to coping with me being around more. I’ve been very patient but having to keep out of the way does wear thin after a while. Anyway, I had a good romp with Wilma and then sat and shared her chew. Just knowing I was around was enough for Alfie to whine most of the time, but he’s going to have to get over it. I really like the new bed settee in the office. I think I look quite regal sitting on it. As you can see from the sharing of the chew, we’ve still got the old one, sort of sitting in the middle of the floor in the way, but the problem seems to be what to do with it. Anyone want a double sofa bed? Wilma and I rather like having it there, but our Mistress says it really can’t stay, not least because she can’t use the stove in the office while it’s there.

Our Mistress let us raid the puppy toy box to see if there was one we’d like. We chose the owl. I guess once we’ve shredded that one she might let us have another. She says when we are eventually able to have puppies again she’ll buy them some new toys.


Have a great Saturday. I’m off to help our Mistress carving a pumpkin.


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