Sunday 30th October 2016 – Nature can be cruel

Me and Wilma having a cuddle

Now when I say ‘Nature can be cruel’ I’m not talking about the bones of the large hare that had been utterly eaten and whose remains we’ve been walking past. That in itself is a tragedy especially as our Mistress took so much pleasure in watching it across the field. And it was a big hare! I dread to think what got the better of it and certainly have no wish to meet it. Anyway, I digress. I wanted to complain about the squirrels. They have been trying to spoil the fun for the birds by chewing right through the bird feeder to get to the peanuts. Our Mistress wouldn’t mind, but she installed a special squirrel feeder just for them a few years ago and they’ve never bothered going near it. To be fair, it hasn’t been the birds’ week. They have a container of sunflower seeds to eat as well, but Wilma and Alfie teamed up on Friday and she knocked it off so he could eat the seeds. Our Mistress got very cross with both of them about that. Now she says that until they learn how to behave there will be no more sunflower seeds going out into the garden. Her main concern is that they increase the frequency of Alfie needing to go to the toilet and decrease the time he has warning that he needs to go and can hang on! You get the picture.


Nature is also doing weird things around the plant side of life. This lovely apple blossom is not supposed to be out right now. The poor tree thinks it’s spring and it hasn’t even had winter yet. The blossom does look lovely. I just hope the tree isn’t going to get too depressed when it realises that it’s wasted all that effort.

Have a happy Sunday


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