Monday 31st October 2016 – People are lovely

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here and I just want to say thank you to all of you for the lovely messages, the beautiful roses and of course the steak that were all to cheer me and Mum us last week. It isn’t easy to be told you aren’t going to have puppies after all but we’re giving each other the support we need to get through. I was talking on the phone to Mama in Switzerland about it and I’m going to visit her in April so I can go to see the heart specialist that all us pups saw when we were small. I don’t suppose it’s going to make any difference now, but it would be good to see what they say.

Mum has said that when I’m a little bit older she would like to qualify me as a therapy dog. Apparently I need to stop jumping up and kissing everyone first, but I like kissing people so it’s hard.


In the meantime I’m really looking forward to my little nephew, Ralph, coming to live in this country. He’s growing up nicely and really does look to be a lovely little boy. It will only be about another month before he’s able to come, which is very exciting.

I helped Mum carve her pumpkin yesterday. It doesn’t look all that scary until you realise that cut into the forehead are the words ‘We will get you’ and into the lips is cut ‘murder’. I don’t think Mum was in a very good mood when she did it, but I don’t think I was the cause. I can’t imagine ever wanting to murder anyone, although I might accidentally smother them with affection.


I’m off to do a meet and greet for the breed this morning. I do like doing them as they always make a fuss of me and we ge to walk somewhere different. See you later



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  1. Enfin! (Thats’ French and means “At last!”): We’ve been waiting all morning for your latest news, Wilma!

    Ralph is with our friends in Aeschi since yesterday and he had a perfect night’s sleep as Maja told us this morning. All the girls there – three of them at the moment – have no problem with him. Well – they all have plenty of experience with whelps (all being seasonded mothers) – and so it’s no wonder they don’t themselves be let too much bothered by one little rascal.

    Rascal? That’s exactly what he is not (or if – he didn’t show anything of a hidden “talent” of the sort). So far. Yet, who ever can tell?

    Darcy and Davis (who will be called Sammy) are still with us for another fortnight before Sammy will be fetched by his family (on Saturday) und Darcy will be brought (on Sunday) by Gina and Eric (and me and Valeria, of course) to our friends in Germany who already have a Rickental dog (Seppi) where we will meet his future mistress Liane Bandrowski.
    Have a good time and behave yourself!

    • Dear Mama
      How exciting. I had very happy times in Aeschi before I came to England. I know all will be good for Ralph. How lovely that Darcy can go to live with his uncle Seppi, that is great news for them both.
      I am being as good as I can, Mama, though it is never easy.

      • DARCY is not going to live with Seppi- We’re just meeting the new owner Liane at his place and doing all the legal paper work there because it’s an oppportunity to meet our friendes again and it shortens the travel for Liane by about to hours.

        Seppi already has a companion, the Jack Russell Max. A cheeky little creature that know exactly what he want and has our Seppi safely under control…


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