Tuesday 1st November 2016 – Wish me luck

Well, after weeks and weeks, I’m finally going swimming again. Our Mistress wants me to strengthen my back legs again as she’s worried that with lazing around I’ve lost some muscle tone. Honestly, at my age that’s really not something I should need to be worrying about. So what if I’m going a little flabby in places? She then showed me a video on the internet of a rather spritely human who was 105 and had taken up yoga 30 years ago. I was worried for a moment, thinking she wanted me to start doing yoga. Thankfully that is not the case, which is a good job as it’s been a while since I can get my leg around the back of my neck.

I was a bit fed up yesterday as when someone called to do some work in the kitchen, which is normally my room, was I allowed to sit in there and supervise? No, I was not. Was I even allowed to sit in with our Mistress and bark incessantly. Ok to be fair, it may have been the barking incessantly that put a stop to that one. Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled as I was told by our Mistress that I could sit quietly in the car until he’d finished. The worst part was that she left the window open and it wasn’t all that warm out there. Has she forgotten that I need to be totally mollycoddled at my age?

I tried saying that last bit to her when I came in, but for some reason she thinks I may be slightly overplaying the age card. She pointed out that my human Grandpa is going to be 91 only days after my 11th birthday and even if I converted mine into human years that would still leave me rather younger. As I walked away I mumbled, as it turns our rather more audibly than I realised, that at least she wouldn’t make him sit out in the car for an hour or more!

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