Wednesday 2nd November 2016 – Like riding a bicycle

It turns out that swimming is like riding a bicycle, and you don’t forget what to do. Of course I’ve never actually ridden a bicycle, nor at my age do I have much of an inclination to start, but humans seem to say it is something you don’t forget. Anyway, I had a great time swimming. It was so good to get out of the house to do something positive for a change and I simply love having my coat blown dry with the hairdryer. Ari dries so quickly that he doesn’t really need drying, but my coat is not quite so effective at shedding the water as his is. In an case I just love how it makes me feel and I wiggle my rear end to make the absolute most of the feeling. I didn’t want it on where my operations was, that leg is all still rather sensitive, but it was just great everywhere else. Our Mistress has said now the weather is cooler if I’d like to go out in the car with her more often, then I can do. I’m quite used to sitting quietly and waiting for her. I’ve been doing that all my life and I always feel safe and happy in the car. I won’t go when she’s going anywhere that there’ll be other dogs around and about the car as that can be a bit too stressful, but maybe when she goes shopping I’ll tag along for the ride.

I might see if Aristotle would mind if I went swimming again next week too. He’s quite enjoying going for walks at the moment so he might not miss swimming so much. I suppose it may depend on the weather. If it starts being all cold and rainy he might change his tune.

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