Friday 4th November 2016 – Disturbances are hard

Alfie resting

Yesterday we had some builders here. I used to take things like that in my stride and welcome them. I’d stand watching what they were doing to make sure they got it right and was quite happy to have a little bit of fuss if it was offered. Now I’m grateful when our Mistress gives me the opportunity to sit with her out of the way and cover my ears with my paws to block out the sound. I had a pretty good bark when they arrived too and felt quite exhausted from the inconvenience of it all. Now, I do know they needed to come and sorting out the office floor was important, but I’d much rather things like that happened while I was out. Wilma and Ari were as good as gold and you wouldn’t have known they were there. Shadow did her usual guard dog duties and drove us all nuts.

This morning I think our Mistress is going shopping for my birthday present. I asked what she was getting for me, but she pretended it was Grandpa’s she was going out for. I could see she was playing things cool. I think what I’d probably like most, apart from her to buy me steak for tea, is a new cosy blanket to snuggle into. At my age every little bit of comfort is appreciated. I thought maybe a nice soft warm fleecy one would be good. I guess I just have to be patient for a little over a week to find out. I’d quite like a new teddy bear too as Wilma seems to have ‘borrowed’ mine. She’s had my Winnie the Pooh cushion too, so maybe a new cushion would be nice. Why is it the others borrow all my things? It’s not as though I ever take any of theirs.

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