Sunday 6th November 2016 – Alfie is being clingy

Ari and our Mistress

Alfie is feeling all clingy at the moment. He’s wanting to snuggle up as close as possible to our Mistress at every opportunity. He even managed to convince our Master that it would be ok to sleep between them in bed the other night. What’s more he took a selfie of himself in their bed once he’d got comfy! He says there’s nothing specific wrong, although he said he had a touch of toothache yesterday morning. I think he’s just feeling old and with the weather having turned into a more normal and rather unpleasant pattern is just looking for a bit of comfort. I guess we can all be a bit like that now and again.

Wilma wanted to play chase around the garden, but quite honestly with the rain coming down the way it was yesterday, I was a little less keen. I gave in after a while but our Mistress told me I wouldn’t do my leg any good and I was to come in before I slipped on the wet. She’d probably got a point. The problem with being inside is it meant I had to help putting everything back in the office store cupboard. Now the floor has been repaired everything can go away. I preferred the risk of slipping outside if I’m being strictly honest. Why do humans keep so much junk? What’s probably more worrying is the amount of ‘stuff’ they buy that they never get around to using and so didn’t really need in the first place. Ok so I’ve got one or two beds and a few broken toys, but I don’t think I have any belongings that have never actually been used. What do I know? I’m just the dog! Mind you, if I spent too long worrying about the odd habits of humans I could be here a very long time!

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