Wednesday 9th November 2016 – Off to a good start

I’m delighted that with donations that have come in direct to the Club account and to the Just Giving Page, we’re already a third of the way to covering Heidi’s treatment. Thank you all. There’s still plenty of time to donate and you’ll have to forgive me for giving you the link again. I’d hate you to miss it.

On more mundane matters, I’ve not been myself recently. I’ve been feeling very clingy and needing contact with our Mistress more than ever. Yesterday when I went swimming she had to walk up and down the side of the pool to get me to swim because I was so concerned about where she was. That’s ok until it set her vertigo off again and she had to stay as close as she could so I could be near her. I don’t really know why I’m feeling like this, I’m just grateful she’s being understanding. I didn’t bark when she came home either and that’s not normal. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard her, I just stood at the gate quietly. You might think that was good news and being a good dog I shouldn’t bark, but she knows me too well so has asked why I didn’t bark and I just don’t know. I don’t think it’s just because the weather has turned cold, although I have to say I was grateful to put my coat on after swimming this week.

The crows have found a new way to cause annoyance. They are pecking at the roof of the office. Our Mistress says she thinks they are after the moss that has formed up there, but they are certainly winding us up with their tapping and scratching. They’d left us alone for a while and I’d forgotten how nice that was.

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