Thursday 10th November 2016 – Just pee on it

Humans think of themselves as being in some way superior to other animals. Why? The more I watch humans the more deluded I think they are. Take leadership – how do dogs choose their leaders? We might not always get things right, but if we identify a character as clearly unstable and untrustworthy we don’t all say ‘what a perfect dog to lead us’ and get behind him in droves. The worst of it is, you humans seem to take it upon yourselves to make decision for how we should live as well as you. More to the point, you make decisions about how you want to live without caring about the impact it has on the rest of us. Quite honestly, looking ahead, I’m a worried dog.

Is it any wonder that when we’re faced with something we don’t like we feel so powerless and our only solution is to pee on it and walk away? Maybe humans would do better to follow our lead. I’m not saying necessarily that they should go around peeing on things, but maybe if they started to smell grass verges a little more and stopped thinking those verges would look better if they were ploughed up to be replaced with a shopping centre or a multi-storey tower block we’d all be a lot happier. I know this may be a hard concept for humans to grasp, but there are more important things than making money. Following the guy who tells you he’s made the most money for himself may not be advisable for everyone’s health and welfare.

I know I may be getting to be an old dog, but the upside of that is I’ve seen a thing or two. Of course the downside is that I’ve seen enough to now be worried. Please humans, don’t mess up this world we’re all supposed to be sharing.

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