Friday 11th November 2016 – At the eleventh hour

Today is important to all of us, dog and man alike. The conflicts we reflect on today weren’t our conflicts, but that matters little when you think how many of our ancestors died as well as humans. War might be instigated by humans, but animals suffer as well. Some of us will have been killed as bystanders to the battles, others went into the conflict at the behest of humans, others will have gone hungry as a result of what happened. When you look at the information about our ancestors some breeds came close to dying out during wars as it isn’t a time that the first thought of families is to add a puppy to their difficulties.

When it comes to eleven this morning and humans stop to reflect on what this all means to them, spare a thought for the dogs and horses and every other variety of animal that suffers as a result of any conflict in the world. We’re powerless to stop these things happening, but you aren’t. No one wins in war, not human, not animal. Isn’t it time that we all learned the lessons that previous generations found through their mistakes? There are conflicts going on now in other places and there are countries who through their actions are causing fear in others. Learn a little from your dog today. Set aside your prejudice. Learn to forgive and bear no grudges. Do whatever it takes to make your own little corner of the world a happier place for those around you. And, if there is something you can do to reach out and help stop conflict, or to lend a hand to those who are suffering because of it then don’t let today just be about the past, make it about the future.

Love and peace to you all


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