Saturday 12th November 2016 – I know what he’s getting

Oh it’s so hard having a secret and remembering not to tell anyone. I know what Alfie’s getting for his birthday tomorrow and I’m struggling not to tell him. I was there when our Mistress showed it to Andy and he said he wanted it. I pricked my ears up as it isn’t often a human wants what’s been bought for the dog’s birthday. Bones are a good example of that one! Of course I know there’s steak for tea tomorrow too, but I think Alfie already knows about that. The humans definitely want that! Anyway, our Mistress has gone to see our grandparents today so Alfie is going to have to be patient about getting his present until she gets back tomorrow. It does seem hard for him not to be able to wake up with her on his birthday, but sometimes these things can’t be helped. She’s taken Wilma with her, so he won’t even have his puppy to bounce on him in the morning either.

And boy, can that dog bounce! She’s been full of energy recently. Our Mistress says she doesn’t know where she gets it all from. I guess she’s at that age where you feel you can conquer the world. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I felt like that, but those days are behind me now. Everyone still thinks of me as the puppy of the house as well as Wilma, but sadly I’m now well and truly into middle age.

Yesterday was lovely. After what Alfie wrote about Armistice, our Mistress asked if I’d like to go with her to the airfield for eleven o’ clock and observe two minutes silence with her. It seemed like a good place to be, seeing as it saw active service in the last world war. We stood together quietly before our walk and then talked about all the things that are worrying us for the future. I was glad to be able to support and comfort our Mistress in all her concerns.

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