Sunday 13th November 2016 – Happy Birthday Alfie

Me practising the all important napping
Alfie as a puppy practising the all important napping
Alfie in his car as a pup

Today Alfie (Einstein van den Tiendenschuur) is eleven years old. Happy birthday Alfie and of course your brother and sisters too. You will be pleased to know he’s having the day off to put his paws up and tonight will be eating steak and unwrapping his present. He may not have had any puppies of his own, but he’s quite a special dog here in the UK. It’s because of him that our Mistress does all she does to develop the breed here. When she moved back to England from Belgium, it was in the days when a dog had to be ten months old before he could meet all the criteria to move here. Anyway, our Mistress thought, given Alfie was all she’d ever hoped for, how awful it would be if anything happened to him and she couldn’t have another of our breed. The long and the short of it was that since then she has spent almost all her spare time working to develop our breed. It hasn’t always been easy, and there have been lots of setbacks along the way. Thankfully she’s found other people as crazy as she is who work just as hard to make sure there will be healthy happy

Me with Shadow as a pup
Alfie with Shadow as a pup

Entlebuchers in this country in the future. Alfie was the 10th one in the country in 2008 and now we’re up to 76. It’s still not that many, but there is another one coming in a few weeks and there are some more litters planned in the next few months.

Alfie and his Mistress
Alfie with his best friend

I guess it means that if it hadn’t been for Alfie, I wouldn’t have been born. We owe him quite a lot really. It’s a shame he couldn’t have puppies of his own. It’s a shame too that it doesn’t look as though Wilma will be having puppies, but it won’t stop all that our Mistress does to make sure there are more of us in the future.

He says he doesn’t really want presents He’d like donations to Heidi’s operation fund instead. It’s up to £3300 so far, but we still need to raise another £2700. If you know anyone who would like to help, then pleae share this link with them. 

Alfie thank you for being our inspiration and our friend



(and Shadow, Wilma and our Master & Mistress)

You can find short stories to read at

Alfie’s Diary – the Book as well as our other books are available HERE


  1. Happy Birthday Alfie. Have a lovely, happy, tail waggy day. Lots of love and cuddles from Gill and Sammi. xxxxxxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Alfie. Same day as my favourite human, Rachel on whose lap I am sat right now! Celebrations all round today! Have a great day.

  3. Lieber Alfie, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Wiegenfest. Wir wünschen Dir noch viele gemeinsame Jahre mit deiner Familie. Bald wird Ralph mitten unter Euch Entlys in the UK sein, Separat bei E-Mail senden wir ein Foto von Ralph im Schnee.
    Wundersc hönen Geburtstag – Tag wünschen Dir alle Kornrieder Whoopy, Tosca, Beija-Flor und Ralph und auch deine zweibeinigen Freunde Fritz und Maja

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