Monday 14th November 2016 – My nephew loves the snow

Me and Wilma
Alfie snuggled under his new blanket
Alfie snuggled under his new blanket

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here. I’ve had a really exciting weekend. I went to see Granny and Grandpa on Saturday and then yesterday was of course Alfie’s birthday and we all had a lovely day. Alfie likes his new blanket and we all enjoyed our little bit of steak in the evening. We had a great walk too, out in the nice warm sunshine. It made a lovely change for it to be warm.

What was really funny was that Dad had the pantomime dress rehearsals. They did one in the afternoon and then another in the evening. In between he come home still wearing his make-up. Of course, I wasn’t fooled because he still smelled the same, which is a good thing in case you were wondering. He did look funny though.

I thought that was enough excitement for one weekend, but the English Entlebucher who has been living in America for the last couple of years, flew home this weekend too. So we have another of us here again. Our Mistress was worried about him flying but it all went fine and he landed safe and sound. He’s called Alfie too, which does cause some confusion. I really want to meet him as Mum thinks I might get on quite well with him.


Then of course there is my little nephew Ralph. He’s not so little now and will move to England in another couple of weeks. He sent me his photo playing in the snow in Switzerland. He says he loves it and looks as though he’s having huge fun. I said he should make the most of it as we don’t get so much snow here. I think I’d like to go on holiday to Switzerland so I can play in the snow. I want to do that thing where you lie in the snow and move your arms and legs to make snow angels, but I don’t know if it works with dogs.

Anyway, have a great week everyone.



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  1. Hi, Wilma
    You’re welcome to spend some time with us here. There’s enough room again now after all the boys (Ralph and his three brothers have moved out). We can’t guarantee snow, though! (We, as from here, is always Gina, Eric, Valeria, me. (To say nothing of the cat, of course. Although her name’s not Montmorency, but Elfriede, and she didn’t travel with us. But at home there’s an iron rule: One soul – one vote. I just can’t not include her, when I use the word “us”: We grew up together and sometimes we don’t know for sure – Is she a dog? Am I a cat? Love actually!)
    Yesterday we brought Darcy – the last remaining puppy of Valeria’s first litter that was still with us – to friends of ours in Germany (where Seppi from Susi’s first litter lives together with a Jack Russell). We drove there to meet the new owners of Darcy to shorten a bit their long way from the north of Germany to finally get the dog of their dreams…
    We had a very good time that Sunday afternoon! Lots of very nice people and 3 big Entlis, 1 small yet adult Jack Russell, and our little everybody’s darling Darcy. A propos little: 12 weeks – 12 kilos! We think he promises to become a very muscular dog. Rather on the heavier side…
    Now we’re looking forward to meeting the new owners of Ralph some time in December at Aeschi and wishing him and them all the best for the rest of their lives on a “small island” …
    All the best to all of you,
    PS: Valeria’s fine with the places Gina and Eric found for her four boys; at least she didn’t complain. She’s not very interested in details, though, and she declined my offer to write something of her own. Maybe she hasn’t realized how important it is to stay in touch with people who are interested in you or may even love you. Well, she’s still young.

    • Dear Mama
      How lovely to hear from you and to hear all my nephews will have good homes. I would like to come to visit you and play in the snow. I will have to talk to my humans to see if they would let me. It would be so much easier if I could drive myself. Maybe one day the humans will let us use their cars.
      your loving daughter

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