Friday 18th November 2016 – We all have to learn


Fires are hot! Dear Wilma. She does need to learn not to try to put her nose against the glass. Thankfully, it was when our Mistress had only just lit it, so things hadn’t warmed up yet and I don’t think she hurt herself. Our Mistress is just hoping that she has learned her lesson now and doesn’t try anything more stupid, but you know what these puppies are like. Mind you, I’m eleven and I still go to pick hot foot up off the kitchen floor when our Mistress drops it, so maybe some things we never really learn! I am a little more choosy than I used to be, but if one of the others is around, there is always that fear they will get it before I can, so I have to be fast.

The start of log fires has also got our Mistress singing her usual refrain about there being ‘something in the woodshed’. She assures me it comes from a song, but you’d never recognise it the way she sings it. Anyway, she is now watching out for what crawls out of the wood she’s gathering to bring in. I’m guessing we’ll have to put up with the singing for a few weeks until she finally annoys herself into stopping.

The problem with our Mistress having more energy than she’s had for a while is that she bounces. She can be a bit like Tigger when she’s like that. Wilma thinks it’s great. Ari ended up having a longer walk as a result. Shadow just ignores her and me? Well I don’t think I want to be bounced on. I’ve becoming increasingly Eeyore as I’ve got older and you know how Eeyore feels about Tigger! I think I need more of a piglet character to keep me company or maybe Kanga to look after me. Our Mistress can be Kanga, but only some of the time.

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