Monday 21st November 2016 – Almost a year


It’s a year ago this week since Mum drove to Switzerland to collect me and bring me home. I would never have guessed how that year would be. It’s always worrying leaving your friends and family to start a new life, but it all worked out fine and I’m really happy. It will be my nephew, Ralph’s turn next to make the journey. I heard from him this weekend with some pictures of him at his puppy play training. He says he’s loving it and having great fun. He’s staying with the same people in Switzerland that I stayed with before I could come to England and I just know he’s getting the best start in life a puppy can possibly have. I hope he will be as happy with his new family here as I am and hopefully I will get to meet him soon.

We’re all busy working out which classes we will be entering at Crufts next year. It’s really complicated and I don’t understand, but apparently there isn’t a veteran’s class, so the one that Shadow thought she would enter won’t be available. She’s fed up. She says she doesn’t want to be compared to young dogs whose stomachs haven’t sagged after 22 puppies and who don’t have a touch of arthritis in their hip. She doesn’t think she will look good in comparison. Alfie tried to tell her with her grey hair she would look much more distinguished, but she just stuck her nose in the air and walked off. I’m too old for the puppy classes now so I shall probably be against more experienced dogs, which is a bit scary. The good news is that our Mistress’s friend is going to take me into the ring as our Mistress is having problems with her vertigo with all the turning around you have to do. I hope I don’t let her down.

Have a good week

Love Wilma

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