Thursday 24th November 2016 – A year with Wilma

I was hoping to bring you a complete update on Heidi, but I shall know more when I write tomorrow. She was being seen late yesterday for some tests, but they don’t want to operate on her today as they thought it would be too much for her to have anaesthetic two days running as she’s still quite young. She’s uncomfortable too. So they decided she’d stay in last night and then would need to go back in on Monday for her operation and would then stay in for the week so she could be closely monitored. She was a very good little girl going in and didn’t make any fuss at all. We’re all thinking of you little Heidi.


Meanwhile back at home, yesterday was a whole year since we first met Wilma in Switzerland when we went to bring her home. It seems as though she has been part of our family forever. She is still the only one of my housemates I enjoy having around and we really get on very well. She decided to celebrate yesterday morning by not getting out of bed and made herself very comfortable snuggled into the duvet. It was all very well but I wanted my breakfast and kept calling to her to get up.

We were all grateful that it seems to have stopped raining at last. The ground is very wet and muddy but at least the puddles are starting to go down a bit. The rain had been so bad the day before when our Mistress walked Wilma that she couldn’t see anything out of her glasses. That meant she had walked into a deep puddle before she’d even realised. I’m not sure if it was the splash or the wet feet that first gave it away.

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