Friday 25th November 2016 – A carpet of leaves

You wouldn’t know we had any grass in the back garden. With the weather as it was at the start of the week, all the leaves jumped off the trees on one go and near enough. Now, our back garden is completely covered in leaves. It’s sort of fun going around and kicking my paws through them. I began to understand what our Mistress has meant when she has said that’s the best bit about this time of year. Of course, it did get me into trouble just a little bit as I wouldn’t come in when called. I was too busy enjoying myself, but I guess seeing as it was only 5.30 in the morning our Mistress may have had a point. The fun bit about pretending I can’t hear her at that time of day is that she won’t should very loudly as she doesn’t want to wake the neighbours. That means she has to come down the garden to find me, which never goes down well. I just play the innocent ‘Why? Me?’ card and always get away with it.

We have got to the end of the home-grown parsnips and are getting close to the end of the carrots. They will be all gone in the next few days. Our Mistress says that while shop bought ones won’t taste nearly so nice, she is looking forward to not spending her whole life with mud down her finger nails! I said to look on the bright side, they’ve lasted so long that it’s almost time to start planting everything for next year!

Heidi is not having her operation on Monday. She needs a little longer to recover from yesterday so there will be at least a week interval before her treatment. She’s back at home being loved back to health and being spoilt ready for her next visit to the specialist.

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