Monday 28 November 2016 – News on Heidi

Heidi is going into the animal hospital today for her operation. She is going to have to stay in all week. We’re all sending her all our love and hoping that everything goes really well for her. Paws crossed for a really good result.

I’m learning a new trick and everyone who has seen me so far says it’s really cute. I’m learning to sit up and beg. When you’re as long in the back as we are it’s harder learning to balance, but I’m getting the hang of it. I know Ari can walk on his two hind legs, but I think he learned that because his front legs are weak. With me, I’ve always favoured me front paws and used to do front paw stands when I was younger. We started my new trick completely by accident. When Mum asked for my right paw I got confused between left and right and gave her my left one and then my right one in quick succession, so that they were both off the ground. She caught them both and encouraged me to stay sitting. Now we’re doing it deliberately and she explained that’s what I should do when she says ‘beg’. It’s great fun and I’m expecting to be able to use it to earn treats from strangers when I’m finished.


My little nephew Ralph sleeps in true Entlebucher style, displaying all to the world. He really does look quite cute. I do hope I can meet him soon.

I like these colder nights as it means more snuggles. At bedtime rather than having too much heating I suggested we could just put another dog on the bed as long as that dog was me! Mum seemed quite happy with the arrangement, although to be fair it was quite hard to fit two adult humans as well.

Have a lovely week


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  1. Hello Wilma, thank you for all your news. We are all sending our love to Heidi. Hope all goes well for her. Love Dickens XXXX
    P.S. We loved to video of your Dad singing at the pantomime it looked so much fun.

    • Although Heidi is going in today, I don’t think her operation will be until tomorrow. Alfie will let you know as soon as he hears something.
      Aren’t dads embarrassing?
      Have a great day

  2. Hi, Wilma
    I’ve always been wondering how the place looks where you live. I finally found your house. Unfortunately, the Google street view camera passed your place when men were at work around the house – in 2009.
    I’m sure everything looks quite differently today and is arranged more suitably for the four of you! (If I got everything right, in 2009 Alfie was the only dog with your mistress? And she probably made all the investments just for him and all the other Entlebuchers to come…?)
    Whatever – it’s nice to be able to look at least at the house where you live happily with your people and friends whenever I feel like being close to you again. If you could send me a couple of pictures of the garden where you’re usually chasing Aristotle, I’d be very happy.
    Here everything goes well. No snow, no real winter – since Trump’s election nothing seems to be anymore as it’s been before. Well, the humans don’t seem to miss the snow – but Valeria and I wish there’d be tons and meters of it!
    Well, maybe later.
    Soon Valeria will be asking to see a stud dog again. Eric and Gina think they’ve found Mister Right in the dog of “Billy aus dem Hause Ramm”. I’m not crazy for that trip to Dortmund, Germany, this choice implies. But who am I to complain? They rode with me to Kärnten (Austria), to Münsterland (Germany). And to spend holidays the took me ever farther!
    I still read your diary first thing in the morning with my coffee.
    Kind regards to everybody around,

    • Dear Mama
      How lovely to hear from you. I will send you some pictures by email so you can see where we are. Maybe one day you could come here too.
      your loving daughter

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