Thursday 1st December 2016 – Let Christmas Begin

Wilma and Alfie

I thought I was going to be able to bring you news on Heidi today, but her operation didn’t go ahead on Tuesday as they had an emergency. It was delayed to yesterday and as I’m writing this I’m still waiting for news. We’re all thinking about her and looking forward to news.

Now that it’s the first day of December our Mistress has declared Christmas. She has decided we’re going to have a whole month of it. I blame the book she’s been listening to, which is a slushy romance set around Christmas. The worst part is she’s planning to follow it with more Christmassy books! … Christmas music… decorations… tree… oh just about everything. Have I told you she’s got a silly notion of trying to make the porch to our house look like the entrance to Santa’s Grotto? I’ve got visions of lots of small children starting to queue up outside. Mind you, a good howl from all of us should soon put them off. She’ll be having our Master dressing up as Santa before you know it. I’m the only one who isn’t agreeing with her when she says that all we need now is some snow. Ah well, it would certainly keep Wilma happy if we had some.

Talking of Wilma, she has developed a very unnerving habit. She has taken to running in zoomies, circles around me when I’m trying to go to the toilet. What is a boy to do? I find it offputting being watched at the best of the times, but having my puppy running in tight circles around me is rather more than I can cope with. Our Mistress has discussed it with her, but to no avail. She doesn’t even seem to know why she’s started doing it. That’s puppies for you. One day when she’s older we’ll remind her of this and she’ll be embarrassed about it.

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