Friday 2nd December 2016 – Little Heidi

Little Heidi is having a tough time. Her operation took them a lot longer than they thought because her insides were very swollen. Closing her up after the operation was hard because of it. She’s going to be very uncomfortable for while and will need to be kept under heavy sedation for several days. Our Mistress and my girlfriend’s human both wanted to go and sit with her and hold her paw, but sadly they can’t do that. She’s in very good hands and the vets and nurses at the Animal Health Trust will take very good care of her. We’re sending all the love and licks in the world for a speedy and successful recovery for her. She’s had such a difficult start to her little life, it would be so nice to know that she can start to really let her fur down and enjoy it, pain free and without incontinence. Paws crossed. We’re still raising money for her operation and care so do spread the word and help to make sure little Heidi can have a happy life.

It seems all wrong to talk about all the nice things having told you about poor little Heidi, but I suppose I should. Christmas is getting a grip this end and our Mistress is having a lot of fun. We’re helping where we can, but so far our suggestions of where to put decorations haven’t completely been taken on board. I thought it might be nice to decorate around by my bed to brighten it up a bit, but maybe she’s still got plans for that. It’s fair to say that much of the decorating is still in the planning stages and hasn’t actually happened. Thankfully, so far my jumper hasn’t arrived so I’m being spared that indignity. Paws crossed it stays that way.

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