Sunday 4th December 2016 – Missing the point

I don’t often get to have a rant, that’s usually Alfie’s job, but our Mistress was discussing a piece in the newspaper that was worrying her and when she explained it, I was not impressed. Basically, various organisations are calling on the Government to change the import requirements for dogs back to the way they used to be when Alfie was a puppy. They are using the excuse of the trade going on in under age puppies and ones that have not been bred properly as an excuse to tar all of us with the same brush. We are not all the same. If they stop us bringing young dogs into the country then we won’t be able to introduce new breeding lines to develop our breed. Our Mistress did warn us that this would be a likely consequence of the whole Brexit mess, but if it happens, and she seems to think there will be little we can do to stop it, then it will be a disaster.

Now, it is possible for a puppy to come to the UK when he or she is fifteen weeks old. That makes it possible to find people who will look after the little one long enough for them to come, without it being too expensive to be impossible and so that the young puppy still gets to settle with their new family while still small. When Alfie was small and when Megan came to live here, the rules meant they were ten months old before they could travel, which made it very hard. Why because they can’t put in sensible measures to stop illegal behaviour are they thinking of punishing the rest of us as well? It’s just not fair. We either need them to put in place special arrangements so that breed clubs can arrange imports to enable development of breeds or to leave the regulations as they are but put in measures to stop the illegal trade. Does anyone have any idea how we can get them to listen?

A very worried


Oh and I also need to tell you that little Heidi made a little progress in the right direction. We’re waiting to hear more today as this will be a real indicator if things are now going better.

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