Monday 5th December 2016 – I’ve got my own tree

It’s Wilma here, hello everyone. I think I’m going to enjoy this Christmas as much as Mum. I’ve even got my own tree. Well, when I say my own, it’s sort of the office one, but I spend most time in the office so I’m looking at it as my own and I did help put it up… although that was after I accidentally knocked it over by doing zoomies around the office, but it didn’t have any lights on then. Mum got a bit carried away when she went to buy the tree and bought a little one to plant too. She has put it in the front garden with some lights on, but it may be moved at least a little bit before it has finished. She hasn’t finished putting all the decorations up yet as she needs to get the step ladder out to put some of the lights up and she’s had vertigo for a few days so can’t risk going on a ladder. I’d help if I could, but even on my hind paws I can’t reach high enough. Ari is better at balancing but even he can’t reach so they’ll just have to wait.

I keep asking when it’s going to snow, but Mum says she doesn’t know that it will. I miss the snow. It was lovely when I was a small puppy playing with Salvo in the snow. He’s my nephew and we grew up together for a while. It was great. I think we should have snow in England too. That would make Christmas much better. I guess I’ll have to make do with playing in mud instead. We get a lot of that here. It’s almost as much fun as snow but I get put in the shower afterwards and that’s not so much fun as just being rubbed down with a towel. Do you think if I write to Santa and ask for snow for Christmas that he might send me some? I have been a good little puppy… most of the time.



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