Tuesday 6th December 2016 – Some Good News

After a claw biting weekend worrying about little Heidi, we’ve finally received some good news. There are at last some signs of improvement. We just hope that they continue and are crossing our paws that they do. She’s a little fighter and everyone who is looking after her has fallen in love with her. By the time this is over she’s going to be quite the little star.

Meanwhile at home, the decorations are all now up and our Mistress is moving on to writing Christmas cards. I wish she’d just get onto the baking stage as that’s the part I’m looking forward to. That and the buying my present stage.

I’m off swimming today. I’m actually quite looking forward to it as it gets me out of the house and I could do with a break. Ari wanted to go too, but I don’t need to feel bad as our Mistress has managed to book a session for him for tomorrow so he won’t be disappointed. He hasn’t been for ages so I’m guessing he will play up over getting into the water, but that’s Ari for you. Once he’s in he’s fine.

Wilma has now learnt how to open a crate door… from the inside. It means the fact that the ends are taped shut is now irrelevant and there is no way to keep her in one place. She really does hate being left out of anything and will go to any lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our Mistress says she needs to set a camera up on the crate so she can see how on earth she is managing to do it. I said she was probably using magic or getting the pixies to help her, but apparently that was not a helpful response. In my defence it was our Mistress who explained to the rest of the family, how the wireless mouse worked but saying there were gnomes in it that shouted at an inaudible pitch to gnomes in the computer.

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    • We seem to have more gnomes and gremlins than pixies and fairies, unless you ask Wilma. She prefers the idea of fairies but that’s girls for you!

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