Wednesday 7th December 2016 – Alfie is poorly

It’s Wilma here because Alfie’s poorly. He didn’t get to go swimming yesterday. He was sick in the morning and there was blood in it. That wasn’t what really worried Mum, it was when he refused his breakfast and even worse our Master’s yoghurt pot. Alfie turning down his favourite food is unheard of. He did a couple of hours later eat his breakfast, but he did it very slowly. Mum took Aristotle swimming instead and when she came back Alfie had had really bad bloody diarrhoea too and he told her he really wasn’t feeling well. She arranged to take him to the vet and as I write this we’re waiting to hear how he got on.

Heidi is still improving. She is still in quite a serious condition, but some of the key signs are going in the right direction and the ones that seem worse might be expected to be at this stage. It’s going to be a long time before she’s running around like the rest of us. We’re all sending you good wishes, Heidi and hope you continue to improve.

I offered to help Mum with the Christmas cards yesterday. My writing isn’t so good, but I could lick the envelopes for her. She was very gentle with me when she explained it might be best for her to use a piece of damp kitchen roll to do it. She can’t lick them herself as she’s allergic to the glue and if she licks them she gets asthma. Don’t say I didn’t offer, but you can all rest assured if you receive a Christmas card from us the envelope has not been licked by a dog… the card might have been, but the envelop is safe. Just saying.

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  1. Oh poor Alfie. I do hope he is feeling better today. Sending him lots of cuddles. Hope you all have a tail waggy day. xxx

  2. Hello Alfie, sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope your lovely Vet is able to get you better very quickly. We all wish you a speedy recovery. Lots of love Dickens and the gang XXXXXXX

    • My vet was lovely, if you discount her sticking two needles in me. To be fair, they do seem to have helped. Thank you. I hope the Beagles are ok too.
      Love Alfie

  3. Hello Alfie, lots of love coming your way, get better quickly, so you can enjoy Christmas. Hugs xxx

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