Saturday 10th December 2016 – One of those days

Happy weekend everyone. I’m looking forward to another muddy walk today. I can’t believe how deep some of the mud is where we walk. Mind you, it’s not as deep as the mud at the bottom of the village pond. Apparently, it needs to be dredged about every 25 years and we’re at that point. Now it’s been drained of water the mud is still waist deep on an adult human.  It’s all being dug out so that we can have a nice clean pond again. Hopefully the ducks will appreciate their home being tidied up.

Wilma has taken to trying to climb trees. It’s more that she’s trying to catch a squirrel or two and there is a tree in the way. She really is quite determined and it wouldn’t surprise me to find her next move is to get the ladder out of the garage and see if she can get it from that. Our Mistress has explained to her very clearly that chasing squirrels is not nice and it’s their garden too. Wilma is unconvinced.

Our Mistress had to move on to other concerns when the iron stopped working. Not to be thwarted she headed straight up to the loft to see if there was a spare one lying around. The good news was that there was a spare one. The bad news was that it was from when they lived in Belgium and that didn’t work either. That means our Mistress has been carefully storing a broken iron in the loft for the last nine years. You really do have to worry about her. Her first job for today is to buy a new one. I did suggest that her second job should probably be to clean out the loft, but I’m guessing she may have other plans.

Have a great Saturday


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